One of the artists for which I have produced results that I’m particularly proud of is an Estonian group, by the name of Soul Militia.

From their site

The R&B/Soul/Hip Hop trio Soul Militia formed in Estonia in the late 90’s. Semy, Craig and Lowry were already pursuing careers in music business when a series of fortunate events brought them together. Starting out as a quartet the group released their debut album in 2002 appropriately titled “On The Rise” . The completely self- written record spawned a couple of radio hits and was the first contemporary R&B album released in Estonia.

Soul Militia

Soul Militia started touring and performing all over Estonia and giving numerous performances abroad (Latvia, Finland, Denmark…). The guys’ showmanship was obvious- soon they were widely known for their energetic live shows consisting of massive party-anthems, sensual slow jams and innovative choreoghraphy.

Soul Milita’s second album “Silence Before The Storm” was completed and released in the Fall of 2004. Now a trio, the guys have taken everything to a new level. With a sound much more refined and the lyrical content more mature, all three have grown as singers, songwriters, producers and individuals.

The latter album is, in fact, an XARC-mastered product 🙂 Please feel free to have a listen to the following demos from Silence Before The Storm:

Before: MP3 WAV After: MP3 WAV