The music world is filled with one hit wonders and those that made it big for a short time, but are now forgotten. Their loyal fans are non-existent.

You see, most artists don’t realize that you can attract lots of fans in the short run, but it doesn’t mean your music is going to stick around for long.

New music comes out. Fans move on.

On the other hand, some bands have loyal fans that are die-hards forever. Even more, the music is passed on to their kids, a new generation of fans (the Beatles, for example).

But, what is it that keeps fans loyal to your music long into the future?

Of course, there are a lot of different factors. But, probably the single biggest one few people put enough emphasis on is creating a record that fans want to listen to nonstop – without tiring of it.

Because think about it. If you have good music, then your record is likely going to have some sales even if the record stinks.

But, how many of those fans are going to want to listen to your record years into the future? Not many. Because there’s nothing memorable about it.

And this is where good mastering comes into play. Mastering can by no means completely fix terrible recordings and mixes… But, it is what transforms your record into a masterpiece.

Without it, you have about 1 in a 1,000 chance of creating a timeless record. There are just going to be too many flaws that prevent your music from flowing smoothly from beginning to end.

And that’s the goal of a good mastering job. You want the listener to be able to replay your CD dozens of times in a row without wanting to throw it out.

Because when this is accomplished, you have created a memorable record. The listener looks forward to the next time he gets to listen to it it, tells his/her friends about it because it sounds great and fat – instead, of feeling “Sick and tired” of hearing it.

The need to listen to something new and different is reduced. Your music is a “Go-to” record time and time again.

In other words, what all this means to you is simple. Take your record serious and give it the respect it deserves. A good mastering engineer can literally be the difference between having your CD tossed or kept in the record player for generations to come!

About the Author:
Lorenz Vauck is an Audio Mastering Engineer, Musician, and Internet Entrepreneur from Dresden, Saxony, Germany. He is the Managing Director and Chief Mastering Engineer of XARC Mastering, one of the world’s first online audio mastering studios established in 2003.